What’s the One Thing Men Want More Than Sex?


There’s a lot of interest these days in what men really want, why they feel what they feel, and do what they do. I’ve written a book, 12 Rules for Good Men, coming out soon, which offers my own thoughts. One of the most popular articles I’ve written is titled “The One Thing Men Want More Than Sex is the One Thing Women Find It Hard to Give.” More than 2,000,000 people have read it, and people have been asking me, “So, what is the one thing men want more than sex?” Before answering, I ask them, what do you think? Here are a few of the answers.

  • “There’s nothing men want more than sex.”
  • “Men hunger for sex, but they really want love.”
  • “Men want to be millionaires so they can get all the sex and love they crave.”

When I was growing up, I wanted to be a millionaire (or a billionaire in today’s dollars). If you had asked me “why,” I would have smiled and said I didn’t know, but I would have been imagining being surrounded by adoring women who wanted to shower me with love and, when we were well showered, would want to have sex with me until we fell into joyful slumber, to be awakened in the morning to more of the same.

If most men were honest, sex, love, and lots of money would be high on our list of priorities. But is that what we really want? If it is, how do we get it? Yesterday, I talked with Jason Vander Griendt, a 39-year-old self-made millionaire. I met him through a fellow writer, Elaine Pofeldt, who wrote the book, The Million-Dollar One-Person Business: Make Great Money. Work the Way You Like. Have the Life You Want.

Elaine had interviewed me about my own one-person business, MenAlive, and had recently interviewed Jason. In addition to writing books, Elaine writes a very successful column for Forbes Magazine about successful entrepreneurs. She wrote an article about Jason last year saying, “Jason has built a fast-growing, one-man product design firm, J-Cad Inc., in Toronto, which projects revenue of $1.5 million Canadian dollars—the equivalent of $1.2 million USD—this year at the business. Inspired by Tim Ferriss’ book The 4-Hour Workweek, he has built the ultra-lean business so he can run it from his apartment or wherever he happens to be while seeing the world.”

Elaine did a follow-up article recently, “How to Think Like a Million-Dollar, One Person Business Owner” and describes Jason’s new program where he shares his secrets with all of us. “When I wrote about Vander Griendt last year,” says Elaine, “the post on Forbes went viral, and many young entrepreneurs contacted him for his advice on how to grow their own businesses—so many that he started an online video course about what he did.”

I also get lots of questions about the secrets for achieving great sex and love life and how to run a successful one-person business. Jason and I have a similar philosophy. “Find a mentor and absorb their knowledge to save years of struggle,” he says. “That’s what I did.” When I talked with him, he had been traveling in Europe. I asked him where he was today. “I’m in Milan, Italy in the Brera district which is the nicer part of town,” he told me.

“Sounds nice,” I said.

“Yeah, it is. It’s a lot less touristy with more pure Italians enjoying life in outdoor restaurants and cafes. I love to travel and I’ve created my business to make it fun and easy.”

In the recent article in Forbes, Jason offers a number of simple, yet effective, actions that can get anyone on the road to having a million-dollar one-person business:

  • Pursue knowledge, not money. Jason’s business took off when he began immersing himself in books, courses and online seminars that helped him grow as an entrepreneur. “Chase the knowledge,” he says. “Chase ‘How can I get more knowledge about Google ads’ ‘How can I learn more about remote work?’ Then the money comes automatically.”
  • Dive right in. “Some people spend six months delaying the launch for their logo,” says Jason. “They spend way too much time getting the details perfect. When I have ideas, I launch them within the hour. I want to test them as cheaply and quickly as possible.”

I like to cut to the chase. “So, what are you offering and what does it cost.” I was surprised by his answer. “It took me 39 years to figure out this whole business thing with a LOT of trial and error. I want to help people succeed faster by avoiding the mistakes I made. These 39 lessons are for anyone just starting out in their career or starting an online business, so you can earn more than a full-time income in weeks or months, not years!”

“Sounds good,” I told him. “And how much is all this going to cost?” I waited to hear the big bite and was ready to tell him how outrageous the price was. I had to get him to repeat himself when I heard his answer. “I’m offering 39 lessons for $39.” I’m always skeptical when an offer seems too good to be true.

One dollar per lesson. Really? You can check out the 39 lessons here. I’ll admit they looked intriguing. But I wanted to hear the catch. There’s always a catch. “I’ll be honest with you,” he told me.” Here it comes, I thought. “I make plenty of money in my other businesses. This can be a small business giving back to people. “This program is what I wish I had 20 years ago when I just graduated and was starting out in my career. These lessons are what would have saved me so much time, energy and money if I knew these things about our modern world from the start.” Well, it made sense to me. Many successful people want to give back by mentoring others.

And he’s not giving this away. Hey, if a million people sign up, he’ll make $39,000,000, right? And if you find these 39 lessons helpful, he has more he’s offering. Plus, you can even try out three for free. So, you really don’t have anything to lose. 

If, like me, you want any of the following, check out Jason’s offerings:

  • To make more money and have fun doing it.
  • To have more free time to do what you love.
  • To have the freedom to live the lifestyle that gives you joy.
  • To do something that makes a positive difference in the world.
  • To have more sex, love, and money in your life because you’ve learned the secrets of success and are becoming a sexier and more loving person. 

Check out Jason’s program here.

If you’d like to learn more about me and my work, visit me at my blog.

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