What People Get Wrong About Polyamory (Video)


Polyamory symbol.

Interest in polyamory—and consensual non-monogamy more broadly—is on the rise. Google searches related to polyamory are increasing, apps for polyamorous dating are springing up, and popular media depictions of polyamorous relationships are becoming commonplace. However, despite the fact that polyamory might seem to be almost everywhere these days, myths and misconceptions about it abound.

For a polyamory fact check, watch the video below in which sex therapist Esther Perel interviews Dr. Margie Nichols. They discuss how many people today are in consensually non-monogamous relationships, common misunderstanding about polyamory (such as the idea that polyamorous folks “just can’t commit”), the potential advantages of practicing polyamory, and how polyamorous relationships work.

To learn more about the science of polyamory, check out these articles, which dispel other common myths and misconceptions and shed additional light on this form of consensual non-monogamy:

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