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Sex and Psychology is about to celebrate it’s eighth anniversary! To date, every single post on the site has been written by me. In fact, I’ve blogged three times per week every week since the site launched, without missing a single week. After about 1,250 posts, I think I deserve a little break. 🙂

Not to worry—the mission and focus of Sex and Psychology isn’t changing and I will still be writing and producing most of the content. The only difference is that I will be opening the site to occasional guest bloggers, mostly during my vacation periods in an attempt to get some better work-life balance. All guest bloggers will have their work edited by me to ensure that their posts conform to the high standards set for the site and to maintain a consistent tone and focus.

Interested in being a guest blogger? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Because this is a science-based blog, you must be either an advanced graduate student or hold an advanced degree in a field related to sex research or therapy.

  • You must be able to communicate about the science of sex in a way that the average person can understand. Blog posts should not be written for your peers, but rather for anyone who wants to increase their scientific understanding of sex and relationships.

  • Guest posts can (1) describe your own program of research, (2) explore a recent study you came across that you thought was interesting, or (3) they can use research to answer a common question people have about sex. Regardless of focus, posts should stick to the science and avoid personal opinion.

  • Submissions must be original and cannot have been previously published elsewhere.

  • There is a small payment available for accepted guest posts. Guest bloggers will also receive mentorship in scientific communication and dissemination from me.

If you’re interested in writing for Sex and Psychology, please use the form below to send a short pitch (3-5 sentences) describing what you’d like to write about. Due to the high volume of email coming in to Sex and Psychology, please do not expect an immediate reply. It may take several days to get back to you. However, if your pitch is particularly timely and related to a current news story or a study that is about to be released, please include “time-sensitive pitch” in your subject line.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Sex and Psychology team!

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Thank you!

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