Top 10 Best Male Masturbators

The pleasure of going solo is unmatched. But if you start feeling like your private time has lost its zing after, conservatively guessing, 365 daily sessions in the last year of pandemic life, it’s time to look beyond your right (or left) hand to other options. One such option? Masturbators for men.

Also, before we go further, it’s time to retire the stereotype that these male sex toys are only for dweebs and geeks who can’t get laid. Better sex doesn’t require a partner. Plus, dudes deserve their own arsenal of fun bedroom toys for experimentation. So open your mind.

Here we have a rundown of the 10 best male masturbators from Amazon, from traditional options that you’ll need to maneuver up and down to vibrating gadgets that work their magic hands-free. It’s worth noting, each will pair well with a bottle of good lube and some nice visuals.

Best Male Masturbators