Health For Life Virility Supplement


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Health For Life Virility Supplement

To Treat: Premature Ejaculation, Lack of Sperm, Weak Body, Early Ejaculation

Natural Capsules to Treat Premature Ejaculation,Increase Sperm, Strengthen Body, Sex Products and Penis Enlargement for men
This formula improves blood circulation in penile tissues and modulates muscular, neuromuscular and central nervous system functions, and these are keys for proper erection and prostate health. It is natural and holistic. 
It’s clinically tested, safe and effective and has been used by Chinese for over 1,500 
These capsules are made from natural medical herbs of which the prescription were cited from the most famous medical prescription book “Ben Cao Gang Mu”, a medical works written half a millennium ago to regulate uses of natural medical herbs, before this secret prescription was released to the public prior to its inclusion into medical books, it had been a secret for the emperor and was used in the palace only. The natural medical herbs must go through a series of sophisticated modern extraction and purification process before it is capsuled and sold. 
Have faith in the magic power of nature, it is the most valuable treasure of the world for it beholds all kinds of solution for the betterment of human kind and other species. Every order you bid on us, we will auto.
NaturalCure for Sex:

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Effective for:
Enlarge Woman Breast;
Stimulate Breast Regrowth;
Restore Breast Elasticity and Volume after Milking;
Improve Breast Elasticity;
Balance Female Hormone Level;
Take 2 to 3 capsules two times a day after meal, before and after sleep. The minimum period for breast enlargement is 1 consecutive month, any time less than that or not consecutive take will not have much visual effect. 
Ingredients of the Formula:
rhizoma zingiberis ; 
Cinnamomum cassia;
herba cistanches 
Curculigo orchioides Gaertn.; 
herba epimedii ; 
chrysotilum ; 
drynaria rhizome;
Morinda officinalis ; 
rhizoma cibotii ;
fructus psoraleae
Chinese yam
fructus rosae laevigatae
semen amomi amari
ootheca mantidis
red raspberry
seed of Chinese dodder;
curnu cervi pantotrichum;
ETC 25 kinds of tcm made this capsule,effective!!! professional 
Do not eat spicy food or over greasy food when taking this formula.
Store in a cool, dry place and keep away from direct light.
Shelf Life: 
Two years from the date of manufacture under the storage condition as recommended above.





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