MF Tests: HindSight’s Rear-View Cycling Glasses


Cyclists need cardio fitness, power, stamina and balance, but on Britain’s hazardous roads, they also need eyes in the back of their head.

HindSight’s reflective glasses strive to make that physical impossibility a reality. Using patented ‘rear view mirror’ technology, these glasses enable you to see what’s behind you as you ride.

That means you will feel safer, and you won’t mess up your aerodynamic silhouette by repeatedly twisting your head to glance over your shoulder. 

MF Tests: HindSight's Rear-View Cycling Glasses | Men's Fitness UK

HindSight is the creation of Alexander Macdonald, a physicist with a passion for cycling. But the glasses also draw on the knowledge of award-winning optical engineer Bob Henderson, and feature input from elite athlete ambassador Callum Skinner, a gold medallist in the team sprint at Rio 2016. 

The story began with a few sketches in a basement flat, after Macdonald suffered one near miss too many on busy city roads. The idea then moved through a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020. And the final product is now exciting commuters and road cyclists around the country. 

The secret to HindSight products are the two-part angled lenses. With a special reflective mirror located in the sides of the lenses, you can see what is happening behind you, so you know when a car is about to overtake you, or another rider is about to fly past.

In fact, by turning your head just a few degrees, you can pan your entire rear field of view. And the brand’s True Mirror technology means that objects are exactly as far as they seem. This mirrored section is also semi-transparent, to ensure your forward vision is not impaired. 

There are several models now available, from the stylish Edge Sport (£119.99) to the retro Edge Hemp (£249.99). But the latest versions include the more lifestyle-focused Morpheus and Artemis styles (£150), which combine an urban look with attention-grabbing lenses in green, blue and red shades. 

The latest models of the glasses still feature the patented rear-view lenses, but in these new versions, the lenses have been integrated into the frames, making them lighter and stronger.

The result is a set of glasses which keep you safe on the bike, and ensure you look good off it.

Words: Mark Bailey


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