9 Years of Great Sex: It's the Ninth Blogiversary of Sex and Psychology!



It’s hard for me to believe, but Sex and Psychology is officially nine years old! When I started blogging in 2011, I had no idea where this journey would take me, but it sure has been fun! I am beyond thrilled that Sex and Psychology has become a widely read and referenced resource on the science of sex, and I’m humbled by all of the opportunities that have emerged as a result of this blog. I didn’t have a grand vision for it when I started—it was just a fun little thing I did on the side as a college professor.

As the blog grew, however, it kept leading to bigger and better things, from newspaper and magazine writing to radio and television appearances to speaking gigs to consulting jobs with sexual health and wellness companies to a major book deal in Tell Me What You Want. None of that would have happened without Sex and Psychology! It’s funny that the blog and all of the opportunities that spun off from it have now become my full-time job, with academic work being what I do in my spare time. I certainly never expected that!

So thank YOU for your interest in the science of sex and everything you do to support this site, including reading and sharing the articles and podcast episodes, submitting your questions, and weighing in with your comments. Sex and Psychology is one of the most rewarding aspects of my professional career and I can’t imagine my life without it. I hope you’re looking forward to another year of great sex [research] as much as I am! I have a lot of new and exciting developments in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with you in 2021, including a completely redesigned website (I was busy and creative during quarantine!). In the meantime, though, here are some fun facts and statistics for your reading pleasure. 

• Current number of social media followers across all channels: 70,300+ (up 22% from 2019). All platforms showed growth, but my Instagram following expanded the most this year, increasing by more than 50%. Each of my profiles offers something different, so if you’re only following one, you’re missing out! Please subscribe to me on YouTube for fun videos featuring sex facts and research, follow me on Twitter for a daily roundup of the latest sex news and research, and follow me on Instagram if you want to know what I do when I’m not writing about sex!

• Most listened to episode of the podcast this year: The Psychology of Cuckolding with Dr. David Ley.

• Number of countries around the world where episodes of the podcast were listened to this year: 65

• Most popular article keywords (aside from sex, of course): “sexual orientation” (included in 156 posts), “gender differences” (146 posts), and “orgasm” (included in 133 posts).

• Most read edition of Sex Question Friday in 2020: Is Swallowing Bad For Your Health?

• Most-watched sex research video on the blog in 2020: What Actually Happens To Your Brain and Body During Sex?

• Most read infographic on the blog in 2020: Characteristics of Gay and Bisexual Men with Foot Fetishes,

Stay tuned for a countdown of the ten most read articles of the year. There are some truly fascinating entries on the list!

Thank you again for your continued support and readership of the blog!

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