Calling All Men: Are You Ready to Get Healthy in Body, Mind, and Spirit in 2024?


I am pleased to report that I celebrated my 80th birthday on December 21, 2023. It’s been said that the two most important days of your life are (1) The day you were born and (2) The day you found out why. You know the day and month of my birth and can easily figure out the year. The day I found out why I was born was on November 21, 1969, the day my first son, Jemal, was born. When I held him in my arms shortly after he came into the world, I made a promise that I would be a different kind of father than my father was able to be for me and to do everything I could to help create a world where fathers were fully healthy and involved with their children throughout their lives.

            When our daughter, Angela, was born on March 22, 1972, I started I realized that if I was going to fulfill my promise to my children, I had to learn to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit myself. We know that is not an easy task. One of the things that has become increasingly clear to me as I’ve lived these eighty years is that our world has become increasingly unhealthy. What we call our global climate crisis is really a symptom of a world out of balance, or more accurately, a world where human beings are out of balance with the community of life on planet Earth.

            The increasing temperature of the planet is the fever response to a systemic illness.

            Historian and “geologian,” Thomas Berry, warned us:

“We never knew enough. Nor were we sufficiently intimate with all our cousins in the great family of the earth. Nor could we listen to the various creatures of the earth, each telling its own story. The time has now come, however, when we will listen or we will die.”

            Which brings me to the point of this article. Although women certainly share some of the responsibility for the state of our world, my own calling has been to help heal men, starting with myself. Those who have followed my work know that the primary way I share what I’ve learned about health and wellbeing is through my writing. My 17 books include such health-promoting titles as:

  • Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: Overcoming Romantic and Sexual Addictions.
  • Surviving Male Menopause.
  • The Whole Man Program: Reinvigorating Your Body, Mind, and Spirit After 40.
  • The Irritable Male Syndrome: Understanding and Managing the 4 Key  Causes of Depression and Aggression.
  • The Enlightened Marriage: The 5 Transformative Stages of Relationships and Why the Best is Still to Come.
  • And my most recent book, Long Live Men! The Moonshot Mission to Heal Men, Close the Lifespan Gap, and Offer Hope to Humanity.

Beginning in 2024, I will be offering a number of courses for those who would like to take advantage of what I’ve learned over these 80 years. The courses will be open to men and women who want to better understand and put into practice what I’ve learned about men’s mental, emotional, and relational health and also for people who are working professionally to improve the lives of men and their families.

I have developed the following five courses:

Course #1: Men Alive: The Hidden Truth About The Hazards of  Being Male and A New Hope For Humanity.

       A 7 Week Foundational Course on the New Science of Trauma-Informed Gender-Specific Health Care.

  • Module 1: The Facts of Life, Death, and Disability for Males vs. Females.
  • Module 2: The Realities of Male Biology That Are at the Foundation for Men’s Inherent Vulnerability.
  • Module 3: The Evolution of Desire: Why Men Risk Their Lives to Compete With Other Men.
  • Module 4: Humans Are Not Limited by Our Biological and Evolutionary Origins and Can Make Healthy Choices for Life.
  • Module 5: The Warrior’s Journey Home: Healing Men, Healing the Planet.
  • Module 6: Men’s True Strength is Accepting Our Vulnerability and Healing Our Traumatic Wounds.
  • Module 7: The Moonshot Mission to Heal Men, Close the Lifespan Gap, and Offer Hope to Humanity.

Course #2: Men Alive: Healing Ourselves, Helping Other Men.

          A 7 Week Course on the Unique Healing Journey All Men Must Take.

  • Module 1: Accept Your Soul’s Calling and Become a Healthy Deviant.
  • Module 2: The Secrets of Success in Your Three Non-Negotiable Marriages.
  • Module 3: Join a Men’s Group and Hear the Sound That Male Cells Sing.
  • Module 4: Break Free From the Man-Box Beliefs and Behaviors.
  • Module 5: Recognize Your Anger, Fear, and Dependency on Women.
  • Module 6: Understand and Manage The Irritable Male Syndrome and Male-Type Depression.
  • Module 7: Heal Your Family Father Wound and Other Adverse Childhood Experiences.

Course #3: Men Alive: Making a Great Living Helping Men And Their Families.

         A 7 Week Course for Those Working in the Field of Men’s Health.

  • Module 1: Your Gift of Healing in the Present is Birthed in the Wounds of the Past.
  • Module 2: Finding Your Place in the Helping Professions.
  • Module 3: Making Men’s Health Your Professional Focus.
  • Module 4: Finding Your Unique Offering and Writing Your First Book.
  • Module 5: The Million-Dollar One-Person Business Is Not For Everyone, But it Might Be For You.
  • Module 6: How to Become the “Go To” Expert in Your Field.
  • Module 7: Nitty-Gritty Advice From 74 Years Helping Men and the Families Who Love Them.

Course #4: Men Alive: Understanding, Preventing, and Healing Male Violence Towards Self and Others.

           A 7 Week Course for Addressing All Forms of Violence.

  • Module 1: Violence, A Universal Challenge.
  • Module 2: Why Violence Prevention is a Critical Men’s Health Issue.
  • Module 3: Male Suicide: The Ultimate Expression of Men’s Depression and Despair.
  • Module 4: Man Therapy: A Research-Backed Tool That Reduces Suicidal Thinking.
  • Module 5: How Not To Kill Yourself.
  • Module 6: Putting Peace into Practice:  How to Live With Compassion and Love Every Day.
  • Module 7: Men’s Groups May Be the Hope for Peace in the World.

Course #5: Men Alive: Creating Centers of Connection, Compassion, and Sanity in a World Out of Balance

        A 7 Week Course for Living, Loving, and Making a Positive Difference in Today’s World.

  • Module 1: Understanding the Times We Are Living In.
  • Module 2: The Sinking of the Ship of Civilization and The Vision Given to Me in the Sweat Lodge.
  • Module 3: Sensitive Men Rising and The Moonshot For Mankind.
  • Module 4: The Call of the Modern-Day Spiritual Warrior.
  • Module 5: The Warrior’s Journey Home: Healing Men, Healing Our Relationships, Healing the Planet.
  • Module 6: Healing Practices of Peaceful Spiritual Warriors.
  • Module 7: Creating Centers of Connection, Compassion, and Sanity in a World Out of Balance.

            As I’ve been developing these five Courses, I’m really excited about what they can do to help your understand the issues related to men’s health and, more importantly, what you can do to put this information into practice to improve your health and the health of those you love.

            I have also partnered with Ubiquity University to offer credits towards Master’s and PhD level degrees for people who would like to earn an advanced degree in addition to what you will learn through the courses and your own practice and engagement.

            If you would like to learn more about the these Course offerings, drop me a note to and put “Men’s Health Courses” in the subject line. I will send you more details.

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