JerkFit Death Grips


JerkFit Death Grips review: An unusual take on the traditional lifting strap, but the Death Grips are certainly effective…

JerkFit Death Grips 


$39.95 / £44.95, /


  • Extra palm protection 
  • Come in 3 sizes 
  • Simple loop process 
  • Easy to take off 


  • Could do with an XL size 
  • Short tongue 
  • Fairly high price
  • Only one color 

This is a different type of strap because of the way it’s applied. JerkFit Death Grips could almost be considered more of a lifting glove than a strap. You secure the wrist wrap as you would a glove, and the strap itself provides extra protection for the palm.

JerkFit Death Grips features

It wraps around the object you intend to hold just once. There are other grips on the market that use this method, but these grips in particular are simple to use and strong enough to last for many workouts to come. The tongue is short, and it won’t wrap around as many times as your traditional lifting strap would, but this is by design. 

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These are also different because of the material. They are made of PVC with neoprene padding. You’ll know you’re holding something, but there won’t be any discomfort from the pressure of the weight or resistance. These would be a great choice for lifters that use machines in training or want to maintain a solid hold of cable attachments. Of course, they can work for barbells too. The skull on the strap catches the eye and gets you in the zone. 

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The largest size is designed for those with wrists over 8in (20.3cm) in diameter, but an extra-large option would have be nice for the bigger lifters out there. There’s a lack of support for the thumb, but that’s a minor inconvenience because you’ll still have a solid hold of whatever you’re using. 

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