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Work out without leaving the house with our pick of the best home gym equipment

Looking for the best home gym equipment? Whether you’re not living close enough to a gym, you don’t have time to go, or you straight up can’t justify the pricy membership at the moment, more and more people are turning to their home set-ups for daily workouts. In fact, the decline in gym visits has even seen the rise of companies like Athlo, which enable once regular gym-goers to rent out their memberships.

Upgrading your home gym offers a range of perks. Firstly, after initially splashing some cash on your new set-up, you won’t need to pay any monthly or yearly fees, meaning your kit will pay for itself in no time. Secondly, a home gym can be a more time-effective way to squeeze in a workout when you’re busy, with no need for any lengthy commutes or queuing times at the weight rack.

And even if you do still structure your training week around regular gym visits, it’s still worth buying equipment to use at home. Having weight training or mobility gear to hand can help you plan regular pre-work sessions or squeeze in ad-hoc workouts between work and family commitments.

What home gym equipment do you need?

Whatever your focus – strength training, CrossFit and cardio or mobility, or keeping in shape for outdoor pursuits such as athletics, cycling or team sports – it pays to have regular access to weights or resistance bands, as well as exercise balls, skipping ropes and exercise mats. Recovery kit like foam rollers and massage guns are useful, too, particularly after heavy sessions.

Of course, high-end equipment such as air bikes, exercise bikes, rowers, treadmills and weights benches, traditionally the preserve of high-street gyms, are useful investments and are making their way into more and more homes and garages.

For quick home workouts, these are the best resistance band exercises

The key to any effective training routine is regularity, and that means easy access. As long as you tailor your home gym kit to focus on your goals, the only thing that’s stopping you from achieving them is you. Not having time to get to the gym is no longer an excuse. You’re much more accountable for your training with a well kitted-out home gym, and that can only be a good thing.

If you’re looking to enhance your arsenal of home gym equipment, read on to discover our top picks.

Our pick of the best home gym equipment

  1. Resistance bands – Gorilla Bow Travel ($248.99 / £199.99)
  2. Skipping ropes – Crossrope Speed Performance Set ($159 / £149)
  3. Exercise bikes – Wattbike Atom ($3,399 / £2,399)
  4. Treadmills – Peloton Tread ($3,495 / £3,345 plus membership)
  5. Air bikes – Assault Bike Classic ($699 / £749)
  6. Gym balls – Technogym Wellness Ball Active Sitting ($305 / £230)
  7. Massage guns – Theragun Elite ($399 / £375)
  8. Exercise mats – the Lululemon (Big) Mat ($124 / £108)
  9. Adjustable dumbbell sets – Primal Strength Personal Series 75lb / 34kg (£499 – not available in the US)
  10. Exercise bench – Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench (£1,199.99 – not available in the US)
  11. Squat rack accessory – Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm Rack Attachment ($69.99)

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Gorilla Bow TravelMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Gorilla Bow Travel


From $248.99 / £199.99,

OVERALL: 4.5/5

Resistance: Up to 350lb (158.8kg) | Colours: Black with coloured bands | Number of bands: 9 or 11 | Features: 3-piece bow / simultaneous band use / carry case

The Gorilla Bow Travel will appeal to those who likes the idea of investing in a system that covers full-body fitness. With two different sets available offering 9 or 11 bands and up to 330lb (149.7kg) or 350lb (158.8kg) or resistance respectively, you can dial in the right intensity for a highly effective workout.

You can load the bow with up to four bands, giving you four resistance strengths to choose from when you use one band at a time. Or you can use multiple bands simultaneously to layer resistance. That means it’s easy to quickly drop the weight when you fatigue – perfect for drop sets.

Roughly 55in (140cm) tall when assembled, the Gorilla Bow is a pretty bulky and imposing fitness band system. In its travel version, though, it detaches into three elements that help it fit easily in a large bag or small suitcase.

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crossrope speed performance setMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Crossrope Speed Performance Set


$159 / £149,


Materials: Wire inner, PVC coating | Rope weights: 3oz (85g) / 6oz (170g) / 9oz (255g) | Length: 8ft (2.45m) / 8ft 6in (2.6m) / 9ft (2.75m) / 9ft 6in (2.9m) | Features: Fast Clip connection system | Included: 30 days free membership using the Crossrope app, lifetime handle warranty

Weighted speed ropes are the best way to take your double-unders to the next level, and Crossrope’s Speed Performance Set gives you three weights to choose from. Swapping between the 3oz, 6oz and 9oz rope between workouts is speedy, too, with its Fast Clip connection system.

The handles rotate well and they’re comfortable to hold, so there’s no hand chafing to worry about. Not many ropes come with a lifetime warranty, and this alone justifies the price tag. There’s a subscription-based app with more than a thousand workouts to inspire you, too.

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Product of a Wattbike Atom exercise bikeMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Wattbike Atom


$3,399 / £2,399,

OVERALL: 4.5/5

The latest version of the Wattbike Atom has improved what has already become the industry standard for exercise bikes, with an electromagnetic resistance monitor for a quieter and smoother ride, especially when shifting gears. Data points are now read 1,000 times a second (it doesn’t get more real-time than that) with accuracy levels of +/- 1%.

The bike automatically reacts with increased resistance to elevation changes, bringing unparalleled realism to virtual mountain stages. With great connectivity and plenty of custom set-up options, as well as free trails to partner apps including Zwift, Rouvy and Strava, it’s a worthwhile investment for anyone who’s serious about their cycling and a great all-round choice if you’re looking for the best home gym equipment.

Product shot of a Peloton Tread treadmillMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Peloton Tread


$3,495 / £3,345 (for the treadmill) plus $44 / £39 a month all-access membership /

OVERALL: 4.5/5

With membership giving you access to thousands of Peloton classes, you’ll never get tired of the Peloton Tread. It has speeds of up to 12.5mph (20kpm) and can replicate gradients up to 12.5%, providing enormous variety to walking, hiking and running exercises – as well as providing yoga or lifting exercises for a thorough all-body workout.

The 23.8in (60cm) HD touchscreen operation is intuitive and features all the on-screen metrics you need. The carbon steel platform will withstand the rigours of regular use, and Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity means it’ll play nicely with any heart rate monitor or other smart kit. If you’re looking for an alternative to gym membership, the Peloton Tread might just be it.

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Product shot of Assaultbike classic air bikeMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


AssaultBike Classic


$699 / £749,

OVERALL: 4.5/5

Frame: High tensile steel | Details: 6-way adjustable seat / 25in (63.5cm) steel fan | Warranty: 5 years frame / 2 years replaceable parts

If you’re looking to invest in some of the best home gym equipment, why not try an air bike? Pro athletes, CrossFitters and regular gym-goers alike test their stamina on this no-nonsense machine, and it’s easy to see why. Now seen as industry standard in both enthusiast and elite fitness spaces, even this cheapest version in the range has everything you need for calorie-torching workouts.

With almost all moving parts available as aftermarket spares, the AssaultBike Classic is a sound investment that’ll provide years of cardio training. Assault Fitness has got all the basics right, with a robust design, good ergonomics, easy-to-access workouts and comfortable and adjustable contact points. It’s also protected by a five-year warranty, for extra peace of mind, and comes in two other versions with upgraded connectivity.

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The Technogym Wellness Ball Active SittingMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Technogym Wellness Ball Active Sitting


$305 / £230, 


Sizes: 21.5in (55cm) | Pump included: No | Weight limit: 353lb (160kg) | Colour: Black

There’s no getting away from that eye-watering price but the Italian-made Techogym Wellness Ball Active Sitting could be your exercise ball for life. It also doubles up as an robust, ergonomic office chair. However, there are cheaper versions with lower specs if you really can’t justify the price.

Sitting on the Wellness Ball involves constant micro-movements, which improves the spine-stabilising action of your abdominal and lumbar muscles. A  denser lower half improves stability and ensures it won’t roll away mid-exercise. That’s helped by a removeable multi-layered fabric, which improves support, cushioning and grip and has a handle for easy transportation.

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Good Vibrations: 5 Benefits Of Using A Theragun – Men's Fitness UKMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Theragun Elite


$399 / £375,

OVERALL: 4.5/5

Battery life: 120 minutes | Details: Smart app integration with Bluetooth / OLED screen with force meter | Colours: Black / White

If you’re looking to buy the best home gym equipment, you’ll probably be focusing on strength and cardio kit. However, it’s important to also prioritise recovery. The Theragun Elite has a pummelling head with an amplitude of 0.6in (16mm) that gets deep into muscles and sees off knots and tight spots with 40 percussions per second and up to 40lb (18kg) of force.

With older models it wasn’t easy to know when you were using them right, but this latest generation Elite is a whole lot smarter, with an OLED screen and a force sensor. It also syncs to a smartphone app that tells you if you’re applying the right pressure and serves up real-time move-by-move guides for everything from easing tight hamstrings to unstiffening shoulders.

The new Elite is much, quieter and more customisable than older models, too. It comes with five built-in speeds, but you can also use the app to set the percussions per minute anywhere within the 1750-2400 range.

You get 120-minute massage time on a single charge and just two minutes’ attention to each muscle group can help stifle post-workout soreness.

Partially unrolled Lululemon the (Big) Mat best home gym equipmentMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


The Lululemon (Big) Mat


$124 / £108, 

OVERALL: 4.5/5 

Materials: FSC-certified natural rubber | Dimensions: 83.9 x 27.9in (213 x 71cm) | Features: Reversible / antimicrobial additive | Colour: Six multi-coloured designs

The Lululemon (Big) Mat may seem on the pricey side but its FSC-certified rubber construction has such a long-lasting, quality feel that it could easily be your mat for life. Its top layer absorbs moisture and an antimicrobial layer keeps mould, mildew and bad smells at bay. This means it feels shop-fresh each time you use it.

It’s called the (Big) Mat for a reason, as it’s around 4in (10cm) wider and a whopping 12in (30cm) longer than regular mats. It’s reversible too, so you can swap between smooth and grippy surfaces depending on your workout. The Lululemon is available in six eye-catching marble designs, too.  

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Pair of Primal Strength adjustable dumbbells


Primal Strength Personal Series 75lb / 34kg


£499, (not available in the US)

OVERALL: 4.5/5

Weight range: 11lb-75lb (5kg-34kg) | Increments: 21 | Dimensions: 21.3 x 8.5 x 7.2in (542 x 216 x 183mm)

If you’re looking for the best home gym equipment, a pair of dumbbells is a great place to start. The Primal Strength 75lb / 34kg adjustable dumbbells are a high-quality, versatile investment for any home gym user. You get a whopping 21 different weights to work with, over nearly a 65lb (30kg) range. That should satisfy even the most experienced weight trainer.

They’re longer than most adjustable dumbbells, but the slider selection system is simple and intuitive to use and the textured-grip handles stay comfortable throughout long workouts.

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Product shot of a Primal HIIT workout bench and weight accessoriesMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Primal Personal Series HIIT Bench


£1,199.99, (not yet available in the US)

Accessories: 2x adjustable dumbbells / adjustable kettlebell / foam roller / resistance band / glute band / battle rope / power band | Warranty: One year parts | Net weight: 104lb (47kg) | Dimensions: 51.2 x 33.5 x 23.2in (130 x 85 x 59cm)

Far more than just an adjustable exercise bench, Primal’s Personal Series bench is an all-in-one mini gym, featuring the company’s popular adjustable dumbbells and kettlebell – which if bought individually would cost almost as much as this entire set.

All of the included accessories (there’s also a foam roller, resistance band, glute band, battle rope and power band) stow away inside the unit. Together it’s a strength and HIIT training powerhouse that’s well worth the investment.

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Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm reviewMen's Fitness Endorsed badge


Signature Fitness Plate-Loaded Lever Arm Rack Attachment



An ideal accessory for those with a squat rack at home, this level arm can be a real gamechanger. Just attach to your own dip belt and you can be doing back-friendly belt squats in no time. Simple to set up and store, it fits on most squat racks and can be used for rows and curls too. What’s more, it’s not going to break the bank either.

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