Best Pre Workout for Men 2023: Top 15 Brands that Work Fast


It seems like today more supplements are available on supermarket shelves. This can be overwhelming sometimes, especially if you do not know what works for you. Also, not all supplements are made the same. Among the many types of supplements, there are pre-workout supplements. 

As the name suggests, pre-workouts are meant to be consumed before getting into a workout. Their job generally is to enhance your performance, especially if you are feeling low on energy. That is why people may be seeking the best pre-workout for men. That is not all, as you can still get the best pre-workout for weight loss too. 

With that in mind, let us see what pre-workouts are all about and if you should get them. 

Editor’s Choice

Pre Lab Pro 

  • Delivers smooth energy 
  • It is fast acting 
  • Experience better endurance 

Top 15 Best Brands for Pre-Workout For Men

  1. Pre Lab Pro – Best Effective Pre Workout 
  2. Transparent Labs Bulk – Best for Muscle Gain
  3. Crazy Nutrition Intensive Pre-Train – Best Thermogenic Pre-Workout 
  4. Gorilla Mode – Best for Hardcore Workouts 
  5. Naked Energy – Best Vegan Pre-Workout
  6. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout – Best for Beginners 
  7. Pre-Kaged Pre-Workout – Best All-Inclusive Pre Workout
  8. Transparent Labs Lean – Best Cutting Pre-Workout for Men and Women
  9. Legion Pulse Natural Pre Workout – Best Natural Pre Workout
  10. Shifted Maximum Pre-Workout – Best Fast Acting Pre-Workout 
  11. C4 Original Pre-Workout – Best Tasting Pre-Workout Supplements
  12. Ora Organic Natural Pre-Workout Powder – Best for Explosive Energy 
  13. Get Raw Nutrition Thavage Pre-Workout – Best for Natural Ingredients 
  14. Wrecked Pre-Workout – Best Strongest Pre-Workout 
  15. GAT Sport NITRAFLEX Burn – Best for Endurance 

1. Pre Lab Pro

Pre Lab Pro


  • Good for boosting strength 
  • Moderate caffeine dosage 
  • Supports stress resistance 


  • A few complaints about bloating 

Who is best to use: Anyone looking for more workout endurance and mental clarity 

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Among the best pre-workout supplements, we have this as an option to boost blood flow and muscle mass. The presence of more nitric oxide in the product helps to improve blood flow vital for power, endurance, mental clarity, and more. 

Some products might have too much caffeine to help with improving energy. That is not the case here. You get smarter stimulation thanks to having moderate caffeine in the product. No more jitters, but simply energy and focus. Also, you can experience better homeostasis. 

2. Transparent Labs Bulk

Transparent Labs Bulk


  • Can boost muscle growth 
  • Helps dominate the workout 
  • Good for muscle pumps 


  • Complaints of itching 

Who is best to use: For those who want to promote lean muscle growth 

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Transparent Labs is an industry leader when it comes to making supplements. That is how we found the best pre-workout supplement from the company. It uses natural pre-workout ingredients to keep the product safe while also being good at its job. Of course, you also enjoy flavors such as blue raspberry, watermelon, green apple, sour grape, orange, peach mango, and more. 

It might not be a caffeine-free pre-workout, but it does not lead to jitters. Those who have used the pre-workout are happy with the energy they get from the supplement without additional side effects. The product is formulated for focus, stamina, muscle pumps, and strength. 

3. Crazy Nutrition Intense Pre Train

Crazy Nutrition


  • Does not cause jitters
  • No history of stomach cramps 
  • Flavorful pre-workout to use 


  • It may take more time to feel the results 

Who is best to use: For those looking for a caffeine-free alternative that still works great for training sessions. 

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This quality pre-workout product can help boost all the amino acids you need for better intense workouts. Also, we cannot forget how it can boost muscle gain. The product is made using a blend of 19 natural ingredients. These are key in helping athletes unlock more skill levels during their workouts too. 

In addition to helping improve your workout, they also taste good. The flavors include fruit punch, blue raspberry, and green apple. The green apple flavor is also the best caffeine-free pre-workout to use. At least those who need caffeine-free options now know where to get the supplement. 

4. Gorilla Mode

Gorilla Mode


  • Features a high concentration of power ingredients 
  • Can boost intramuscular hydration 
  • Can help in saturating muscles with blood 


  • Some users experience jitters 

Who is best to use: For boosting intramuscular hydration and reducing muscle fatigue from intense workouts.

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Even from the name; you would know this is all about helping you boost energy levels and deal with muscle fatigue better. It does this by having common pre-workout ingredients. The purpose is to boost performance. A good example is the increase in nitric oxide levels, focus, intramuscular hydration, and more. The result is having the best performance while also losing body fat. 

Compared to some other pre-workouts, you can see that it has a massive dose of creatine, betaine, agmatine, L-citrulline, and GlycerPump key in making sure you have a better performance too. Bioperine also helps enhance cognitive functions and prolong the supplement’s effects. 

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5. Naked Energy

Naked Energy


  • Gluten-free product 
  • Improves exercise performance 
  • Great for vegans 


  • Creatine dosage could be better 

Who is best to use: Anyone who wants a pre-workout with no GMO ingredients, additives, or artificial sweeteners. 

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When someone considers pre-workouts with caffeine or stimulant-free pre-workouts, they are hoping to improve athletic performance and muscle growth. That is not an issue if you can use this product. It has been formulated using non-GMO ingredients, which are key in boosting energy, strength, and power. You will now have that extra edge while working out at the gym.

The product also has no additives or artificial sweeteners. If you check out the ingredient list, you can see it is a safe product that does its job well. There are also third-party lab results showing how good it is at ensuring you are comfortable buying from a transparent company. 

6. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Pre-Workout

On Pre-Workout


  • Great flavors available 
  • Boosts days with low energy 
  • A trusted brand in sports nutrition 


  • Effects wear off quickly 

Who is best to use: Anyone who wants effective products from a trusted brand in the sports nutrition industry. 

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The product performs better than other pre-workout supplements because of its ingredients which include creatine monohydrate and beta-alanine. These two are combined with natural sources of caffeine, which is key in working as a stimulant for your workouts. The result is that you can unleash energy, performance, endurance, and focus on your workout. 

Sometimes it might feel hard to do that last rep or simply crush your set. With this product available, you can do so much better. Also, Optimum Nutrition is a trusted brand in sports nutrition. So many positive reviews show that it is a good product that can always leave you with more performance. 

7. Pre-Kaged Pre-Workout

Pre-Kaged Pre-Workout


  • Boost energy and endurance 
  • Heighten mental focus 
  • Third-party tested 


  • Slow international shipping 

Who is best to use:

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If you are looking for a stimulant-free pre-workout and better muscular endurance, get this one for yourself. Going through the product label, we find that it comes with a list of its ingredients. This helps the user explore further to know what the product contains. The best part is that you get flavors such as pink lemonade, fruit punch flavor, krisp apple, grape, and more. 

Users also get to trigger incredible pumps whenever they use the product. The result is handling your workouts with more stamina. The other benefits include heightened mental focus and clarity. Third-party lab testing is also good for safety assurances. 

8. Transparent Labs Lean

Transparent Labs Lean


  • Good for weight loss
  • Helps maintain muscle mass
  • Flavorful pre-workout 


  • Could use better fat-loss ingredients 

Who is best to use: A person who is looking to target the stubborn fat around the abdomen by having the energy to workout more.

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The Lean product was made to be an exceptional cutting pre-workout supplement readily available to men and women alike. It contains ingredients such as betaine, beta-alanine, and branched-chain amino acids to ensure it works quite well for providing the energy you need from a pre-workout. 

The best part about these ingredients is that they are clinically tested to ensure you get effective dosage. The lab reports show that the product has no colored dyes, harmful additives, and unnecessary filler. Such transparency is what people need before picking a product. We also like the multiple flavors that make it easier for you to enjoy the pre-workout supplement before hitting the gym. 

9. Legion Pulse Natural Pre Workout

Legion Pulse


  • Affordable product 
  • Good for purity and potency
  • Has no artificial sweeteners 


  • A few complaints of stomach upset 

Who is best to use:

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This is among the best stimulant-free pre-workouts on the market. This pre-workout drink will make you love working out once again. It is lovely that it is 100% natural and has clinically effective doses. The best part is that the ingredients are as scientifically proven to give you more energy, and strength and do not have jitters. 

Understandably, people would be happier to use it if there were peer-review studies. Well, worry no more because you will get up to 54 of them. It has no artificial flavors, dyes, or sweeteners, making it safe. There is a third-party lab report you can check out to understand the product even more. 

10. Shifted Maximum Pre Workout

Shifted Pre-Workout


  • Offers sustained energy
  • Get dialed-in focus 
  • Good for prolonged stamina 


  • A few bloating cases 

Who is best to use: For those who need a comprehensive pre-workout formula for muscle building and strength. 

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Among the best supplements for men, we also have this one. It is meant to help you have the motivation and energy to keep pushing. When you sometimes feel like you have to give up, you would still consider continuing, thanks to such a product. The ingredients generally give you the burst of energy you need to power through the workouts better. 

You can also do more in less time. It could be the weights, spin class, or yoga. This is because now you have better mental clarity, focus, and endurance. Even when you may have felt there is no energy, you can experience better workouts today with the product. Its good customer support team can help answer any questions you have about the product. 

11. C4 Original Pre Workout

C4 Pre-Workout


  • Offers explosive energy
  • Has incredible flavors 
  • It is a good pump boosts 


  • Who is best to use: For those who need better muscular endurance whole also not using too much caffeine.

Who is best to use: For those who need better muscular endurance whole also not using too much caffeine. 

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This is another best pre-workout for weight loss and generally working out better. The product features 150mg of caffeine, which is moderate compared to what you get with other products. This amount is also enough to experience explosive energy and take the training to the next level. 

Another reason to get this product is that it does come with the best muscular endurance. If you do not want to get easily fatigued, that would be more reason to get such a product. Of course, the incredible flavors are also the reason people may settle for the brand. They know they would enjoy drinking it before a workout. 

12. Ora Organic Natural Pre-Workout Powder

Ora Pre-Workout


  • Impressive energy boost
  • Jitter-free supplement 
  • Can boost workout endurance 


  • Needs more powder to experience more benefits 

Who is best to use: For those who seek organic pre-workout powder with additional health benefits. 

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Being an organic product is enough to make more people interested in using it more often for their workout sessions. The powder comes with a feel-good boost and performance enhancement, which is vital for leaving you with more energy to handle the workouts. 

The organic blend also includes antioxidants. These are key for supporting your overall health and remaining focused. Since there is no caffeine as part of the ingredients, this is a non-stimulant product with no jitters. Users also claim to experience better endurance overall. 

13. Get Raw Nutrition Thavage Pre Workout

Get Raw Thavage


  • Has third-party testing results 
  • Features effective ingredients 
  • Can also help with fat-burning 


  • Could use more flavors 

Who is best to use: Anyone who wants a fast-acting product with effective ingredients that also help with fat burning.

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The product name can help you know that it is meant for those who want to be savages at the gym or their athletic performance. The product is loaded with effective ingredients key for cellular hydration, energy, and mental focus. The product also has fat-burning properties key in ensuring you get the most out of your workouts generally. 

Some of the notable ingredients include L-Citruline, betaine anhydrous, L-tyrosine, Alpha GPC, and huperzine A. All these ingredients have roles they play in improving how well your workout. It is advisable to start with one scoop and work your way up to 2 scoops once you get used to its effects. 

14. Wrecked Pre Workout

Wrecked Pre-Workout


  • Made from 17 effective ingredients 
  • Offers laser focus 
  • Can boost intense workouts 


  • Sometimes delays in shipping arise 

Who is best to use: For those who want a strong pre-workout for the best energy release 

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Huge supplements made this product to be one of the strongest in the market. The idea was to ensure you always have the best workout experience and take it to the next level. It features 17 effective ingredients that are key to boosting workouts even better. So, even if you often experience muscle fatigue, that is no longer a problem. 

The brand claims its products are made in FDA-approved facilities and they follow GMP practices. This is a way of assuring their customers have a safe product they can use without worrying so much. Still, customer support is good at answering all your questions. 

15. GAT Sport NITRAFLEX Burn

Gat Sport Nitraflex


  • Clinically proven formula 
  • Increases mental focus 
  • Long-lasting effects 


  • Some users feel dehydrated 

Who is best to use: For those seeking a product with long-lasting boosted energy effects. Just make sure to stay hydrated. 

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It is not a stim-free pre-workout, but it is still good at energy production, increased blood flow, and so much more. For more than a decade, the brand has managed to keep giving users what they need. As part of the many pre-workout drinks, it should help you with burning fat even better. 

The brand has managed to validate its benefits through a number of tests. The best part is how the benefits can last for even 6 hours. This means that you can still burn more fat, feel more energetic, and have stamina even after a workout. 

What Does Pre-Workout Supplement Do?

Anyone new to taking pre-workouts might have the question, what does pre-workout do? Well, pre-workouts are supposed to enhance your performance while doing the workouts. That is why people would take 30 minutes before getting into a gym. So, the first benefit you will get from a pre-workout supplement is that you can get more energy vital for powering through a workout routine. 

That is not all. You may also experience improved muscle strength. This comes from the supplement’s ingredients, the most important being creatine. This ingredient will aid in energy production during short but intense workouts. 

Another important reason to consider excellent pre-workout supplements is because of L-theanine, L-tyrosine, and Rhodiola rosea, which help to improve mental focus and enhance cognition. You may find those who use such supplements are more focused. 

Combating fatigue is another reason you can consider using pre-workouts from various brands. The main pre-workout ingredient for this part is caffeine. Its job is to stimulate endorphins release, which can help deal with muscle pain due to exercise. Some of these products also help delay muscle fatigue, improve blood flow, and boost muscle recovery. 

Is Pre Workout Safe?

Whenever you want to start using pre-workout supplements, one of the things you have to consider is safety. We can see that pre-workout supplements mostly have safe ingredients. Companies are responsible enough to list all the ingredients in the product so that you know what you will be taking. 

Based on reviews of various pre-workout formulas, they all seem to offer better safety to their users. Even if there are a few side effects, they are mostly during the first few days of using the supplement or when you use too much of the supplement, thinking it will work the best. 

How Did We Choose These Pre-Workout Brands?

With thousands of options as solid pre-workout supplements, sometimes this can make sports nutrition hard to choose which one is the best. Here is how we chose the best pre-workout brands. 


What the manufacturer has used in the pre-workout can determine whether it will be effective. Sometimes, you can get that these pre-workout brands use fillers rather than good and tested ingredients. In such a case, you end up with ineffective products. We had to look at each product label to understand the various ingredients before recommending the brands. 


A brand with good transparency is something you would generally love because you know the product will be something safe for you. 

Transparency is mostly based on the availability of lab reports from the company. When the products are tested, they will have lab reports that detail what is in the product and if there are any contaminants. We only recommend brands that have publicly displayed their lab reports. 


The cost, in this case, can be equated to the value for money you get from the product. You would generally want to buy an effective, safe product with a proven track record. 

So, what do you get for the cost? Only when you know what you get from spending your money, then you can be willing to buy it. Not all products with a high price tag as the best. Look at the brand reputation to learn more first. That is what we did. 


Reviews are also key in helping us decide what makes a great product. When you look at the different products online, you will see that each will have reviews from people who have bought and used the product. When you can see that people are mostly complaining about the product not working, then it is best to avoid it. The reviews also help us see which product is from a reputable brand so that we can choose better. 

When to Take Pre-Workout Supplement?

It is in the name, pre-workout. Industry experts and manufacturers of pre-workout products recommend taking the supplement 30 to 60 minutes before the workout starts. This should give the body enough time to break it down in a way it can be utilized to generate energy, among other benefits. 


We can clearly see that pre-workout supplements are important in helping you get better at handling your workouts than before. If you ever want to have the energy to handle more workouts, you know where to start. The most important consideration is the safety of the product. Do not just get a product blindly, thinking it will help you. We recommend that you consider the brands mentioned above to get the best and safe products for you. 

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