MF Tests: JaxJox 22.6kg DumbbellConnect

With a digital docking station and performance tracking app, these JaxJox adjustable dumbbells are an impressive bit of kit…

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JaxJox 22.6kg DumbbellConnect Dumbbells


$499 / £390 /


  • Quick and easy to change weights
  • Smart features with app connectivity


  • Dumbbells have to be charged before use
  • Dock’s screen can be difficult to see clearly

Grip: 4/5
Weight range: 4.5/5
Ease of adjustment: 5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

JaxJox adjustable dumbbell and digital docking station

An LED screen on the docking station lets you select and release your weights

These represent a new breed of digital dumbbells: using USB-powered digital weight selection and a companion app to suggest exercises and track progress. If you’re sceptical about the ‘digital dumbbell’ concept, you’re not alone. After all, they’re dumbbells. But JaxJox’s creation is worth a try.

On the base of the sleek docking station, you’ll find a small LED screen, which displays the weight. In eight 2.7kg increments, you can adjust from 3.6kg up to 22.6kg – so no more manual loading of the plates between sets. Simply choose your weight digitally and start lifting. Syncing the subscription-based companion app gives you real-time data such as reps, weight, sets, time, average power and total volume. Although the dumbbell’s main selling point is the digital features, we found the ability to do the basics reassuring. 

The design is slick and robust, and they feel secure in the hands. The plates lock smoothly and securely into the dock, and the handle is grooved for a comfortable, stable grip.

JaxJox hasn’t overcomplicated things despite its tech-heavy dumbbells. Set-up is quick and easy, thanks to clear instructions. After charging the docking station, you just have to load on the plates and handles, choose your weight and get lifting. 

The fact that you can’t change the weight once the dock has run out of charge is its main drawback. However, a full charge lasted us a good week (that will of course vary based on how often you use them), so it’s easy to keep it topped up.

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A man lifting the JaxJox dumbbell from its docking station
 David Thomas

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