Try Darryl Williams’ 15-Minute Father’s Day Workout with Your Kids


With his millions of YouTube and Instagram followers, Darryl “BullyJuice” Williams is a respected personal trainer and social media influencer but at home he’s known simply as… “Dad.”

Many of us see Father’s Day as a chance to kick back and spend some quality time with our children but this year, just for 15 minutes, why not get together for an invigorating workout before you settle down in front of the TV? It is often said that having kids keeps us young, and with this family fitness videos suitable for a father’s day workout of all fitness levels, you get to involve the family in some physical activity while working on your own mobility and coordination, helping to ensure that you’ll be around for many more Father’s Days to come.

Money can’t buy your families love, but health is most certainly wealth. “The leading cause of death in the world is heart disease,” BullyJuice tells “In many cases, heart disease can be preventable by living a healthier life. We learn and adopt many things from our parents when we are kids. If my kids see me exercising and maintaining a healthy relationship with eating, there’s a good chance that they will learn by example.”

Here, the 32-year-old and father of two children has designed a 15-minute home workout that is so accessible that he even brought in his 5-year-old daughter, Noelle to join in with the fun. (Saige, who is 18-months-old, watched lovingly from the side-lines). “Noelle told me she had a blast, and keeps requesting to workout to her own video!” laughs the social media star. Perhaps she will follow in her daddy’s footsteps. BullyJuice has built an audience of million thanks to his many online workouts, and many are designed to be low Impact so that they don’t require a lot of jumping. For those who may be suffering with joint issues or need to work on their strength, most exercises can be modified to fit different fitness levels. “It’s not about where you start, it’s about not finishing,” says BullyJuice. “And, when it comes to exercising and healthy eating, our job is never finished. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle should be something we all strive to do for life.”

Working out with your kids is mutually beneficial because it’s a great way to encourage them to be physically active while also checking that they are using correct form. The moves in this workout are designed to work on your strength, balance, and coordination, but require no equipment. So, have fun and enjoy the rest of your day knowing that you made another huge win as a dad.


BullyJuice’s 15-Minute Father’s Day Workout

Do each exercise for 30 seconds, and feel free to add in some optional 30-second breaks to grab some water or simply shake it off! Take 30 seconds for each break. Be sure to keep checking in with the kids to make sure that they are comfortable and hydrated. Now go get it!

BullyJuice’s 15 Minute Father’s Day Workout Exercise Breakdown

First Round

  • Sky hops
  • Knee rolls
  • Sky squats
  • Toe Touches
  • Tippy toes
  • Planks
  • Water break

Second Round

  • Squat hold
  • Optional break
  • Knee/toe squats
  • Crunches
  • Optional break
  • Pushups (feel free to modify by using knees)
  • Planks
  • Optional break

Third Round

  • Calf raises
  • Hop arounds
  • Squat step
  • Optional break
  • Superman
  • Optional break

Fourth Round

  • Lunges
  • Bunny hops
  • Running on the spot
  • Stretch: Legs. Fingers towards toes.
  • Stretch: Left arm over right shoulder
  • Stretch: Right am over left shoulder
  • Stretch: Left quad
  • Stretch: Right quad
  • Stretch: Left calf
  • Stretch: Right calf

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