Sex and Psychology Podcast: Common Sex Problems, And How To Fix Them



Sexual difficulties are more common than you might think. In fact, data from large nationally-representative surveys indicate that just over half of women and more than 40% of men report having experienced at least one sexual problem in the last year alone. The most common problem areas include issues with desire, arousal, orgasm, painful intercourse, and performance anxiety. So how fixable are these problems, and how are they most effectively treated?

For this episode of the Sex and Psychology Podcast, I sat down with Dr. Bat Sheva Marcus. She is the cofounder and clinical director of Maze Women’s Sexual Health, the largest independent women’s sexual health center in the United States. For twenty years, she has overseen the treatment of thousands of women ages 18-81. Her latest book is titled Sex Points: Reclaim Your Sex Life With the Revolutionary Multi-Point System.

We talk all about the novel system she created to help women understand where they are in their sex lives. We also discuss how everyone—at any age, in any situation—can have better sex.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Why are vibrators “the most underutilized tool in women’s sexual arsenal?”

  • Why do we need to get away from the idea that we can fix every sexual problem simply by taking the right pill?

  • What does it really mean to have great sex?

  • What are the most effective treatments for low sexual desire and/or arousal?

  • How do you treat problems with painful sex?

  • What can be done for people who have difficulty orgasming, or who have never had an orgasm before?

  • How do you deal with sexual anxiety effectively?

To learn more about Bat Sheva, check out her website here. Also, be sure to pick up a copy of her latest book, Sex Points.

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