How the Big Five Personality Traits Predict Your Sexual Fantasies (Video)

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Our sexual fantasies appear to reflect, at least in part, our personality traits and characteristics. I studied the sexual fantasies of 4,175 Americans from all 50 states for my book Tell Me What You Want, and I found that the Big Five personality factors of openness to experience, conscientiousness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism were all linked to the types of fantasies people reported having.

In this video, I briefly describe what each of these traits is all about and how they are related to the types of things you’re more (or less) likely to fantasize about.

However, keep in mind that people can have these five traits in very different combinations and that our fantasies are also, to some degree, a product of our sexual histories. Thus, it’s far from a foregone conclusion that you’re going to have a specific fantasy just because you happen to be high in one of these traits. Our fantasies are a function of our unique personality profiles and sexual learning experiences.

To learn more about how our fantasies are related to our personality traits (as well as how they’re related to our sexual histories and demographic backgrounds), check out Tell Me What You Want, which was just released in paperback edition.

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