Power, Influence, and Legacy in the Post Covid-19 World


In these unprecedented times, there is one certainty – change is constant. When we are presented with the degree of uncertainty in this pandemic, we have a choice. We can collapse into the fear or we can choose to adapt. We have a choice. There will be those who long for the way things were. Powerful and influential people will make a different choice. Instead of scanning for threats, they will scan for success – to be creative, opportunities to innovate, and to engage in their deepest desires. They will use this time to transform who they are and the life they are living.

It’s difficult to remember what the world was like only a few short months ago. If you were reading the New York Times on February 1, 2020 you would have been perusing stories like these:

  • Republicans Block Impeachment Witnesses, Clearing Path for Trump Acquittal. 
  • Independent Voters See Economy Improving.
  • At the Stroke of Brexit, Britain Steps, Guardedly, Into a New Dawn.

Reading the New York Times on May 30, 2020 you would have seen these headlines:

  • Ex-Officer Charged in Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
  • Virus Forces N.Y.C. to Consider Tactic That Nearly Led to Ruin in ’75.
  • Many Jobs May Vanish Forever as Layoffs Mount.

Whatever our lives were like in the pre-Covid-19 world, we felt more powerful, influential, productive, in charge of our lives, and clear about our future. Our economy, if not working for all, was doing well for the majority. More than 100,000 more Americans were alive—men, women, and children—and we weren’t wondering if we’d be next or whether Covid-19 would come for someone we loved. We felt hopeful that our children and grandchildren would inherit a world where they could thrive and reach their potential.

I’m seeing two large-group responses to the post-Covid-19 world. One group wants to forget about Covid-19 and get back to the world we used to know. The other group is overwhelmed and desperate and wonders if humanity is going under. 

Dan E. Silberberg is a man inspired by a different vision. 

Dan has been a successful businessman for more than 40 years. He’s a serial entrepreneur who has run business segments from $7-$400 million, has worked with Oracle Corporation, and Global 2000 companies. He has a deep commitment to building successful teams and leading people to thrive in their personal and professional lives. He’s the father of three grown children who all have careers in service and know that giving back to their community is part of their identity.

Now, he’s poised to help others be successful and create a meaningful legacy in their own lives. I talked to Dan on Zoom at his home in Chicago.

“As I finished my last CEO traditional business role, I knew that I was not done bringing my gifts into the world. As I look back on my life, I have enormous gratitude for the opportunities that I was given. I enjoyed a meaningful and purposeful career and believe that a large debt of gratitude belongs to those who mentored me, who had good will for me, who gave me opportunities to shine and to fail. Without these champions, who demonstrated such good will, I would not have had the life I am privileged to have had.”

Dan wants to champion the lives of others now. For the first time ever, he is offering his Personal Power Master Class 2020 for a limited number of professionals who are already powerful and influential in their work but know there is more. They are the ones who strive. They are not satisfied to stay where they are or with the status quo. They realize we are in a new world where more is required of us and are looking for the next big challenge that can truly make a difference in the world.  They know a Bigger Life is waiting for them to step into it. They are people for whom contributing to the advantage of others is part of their DNA. They are here to make a difference, to unleash their power to the advantage of others, to be a positive influence in their families, for their friends, in their communities, and in their business.

I was intrigued by what Dan is offering and asked him what he thinks people need and what the class will give them. “The work environment is highly competitive, political, and can be a zero-sum game,” he told me. “People ask themselves, ‘How can I distinguish myself from the crowd?’ As promotions are rewarded, the pyramid narrows as you move to the top. In today’s uncertain environment, the winners will be those with social-emotional intelligence and the ability to self-regulate their emotions.” Having a requisite variety of skills – the training teaches 48 different skills that can be deployed in multiple ways to be highly effective – they will be the leaders who change the world.

I think Dan is spot on in his analysis. Looking back on my career, I wish I had that kind of mentoring when I was at a change point in my professional life. So, when Dan asked if I would be a guest speaker for two of the modules, I said, “yes, I’d be honored. I’d love to pass on to others what I’ve learned.” 

“People at this level need a mentor or an executive who will champion them to move up in their career,” Dan says, “Plum assignments are given to those who have a sponsor. Talent isn’t the only indicator. Are they trustworthy? Do they exhibit leadership with vision, values, and principles? Do they speak their truth or are they a sycophant?  Do they have influence and do others in the organization want to follow them? One cannot be a true leader unless others want to follow. This course will deliver the skills so that others will recognize your skill, your leadership, you’re speaking your truth, and deeply caring for others.”

Dan’s words remind me of what a colleague, Dr. Jackie Black, recently told me.

“We are all emerging from an unprecedented time in human history. Everyone has questions. No one person has the answer. We have never been here before. How you pivot and progress into this next mid-pandemic chapter is unique to you. Scary and exhilarating. Uncharted and filled with opportunity. Not linear, not known!”

“So, what’s next?” I asked Dan. “This course isn’t for everyone,” Dan told me. “It’s for the few who recognize that trying to stay where you are isn’t possible. A lot is working against us. It is for those who are willing to commit themselves to a better future. It will require dedication and discipline. It will require mindfulness, empathy, and being a continuous learner. Today’s skills will be obsolete in 36 months. The world is changing faster than you think. It’s a time for action.”

I’ve looked at the course materials and they are impressive, but I wanted to know specifically what people will get from the course. “The course will deliver an action plan and a vision for each member to achieve the Bigger Life they desire,” Dan told me. “Armed with a requisite variety of skills and a deep working knowledge of how to regulate themselves and inspire others, they will rise above the competition.” Literally, they will transform into the next best version of themselves, moment-by-moment. Their family, their friends, their co-workers, and the peers will recognize their growth and want to know how they did it. They will be more attractive, more influential, and more self-aware.

I know for many this is a time of uncertainty. It can be frightening to move ahead. “It’s true,” Dan said. “Trying to figure things out on our own is nearly impossible with so much change happening so fast. But move ahead we must. This is a time to get the support we need to tap into our own power, influence, and to provide the legacy we all want to leave for those who will come after us.” While uncertainty exists, we can move forward with clarity. We are not victims. We have a choice.

“What can people do right now?” I asked Dan. “There’s a whole lot more to be shared and people can get the information they need by going to this link to register and sign up, Dan told me. “You can also call him to talk with him directly if you want more specific information, at 866-711-9811, option 1. “I’m glad to tell you more and answer all your questions. I want you to have the Bigger Life you want and deserve.” 

I encourage you to take advantage of this ground breaking training for your own personal transformation. Oh, and one more thing. Dan has offered to give a 50% discount for all those who read this article. When you go to the Register Now page on the site, there is a Discount Code Box. Enter: DISCOUNT 4 for your 50% discount.

These are times of great change and transformation. It will require the very best of each of us. I look forward to your comments. 

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