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Welcome to We bring you the most up-to-date and accurate information for men to improve their sexual health and virility. We understand that all men would like to have a satisfying love life and some of you are looking to improve your sexual satisfaction. There are now literally thousands of male sexual health products and programs on the market. It’s easy to become confused by all of the different products available. will provide you with the information on virility products, herbal pills, male enhancement programs and various other products which are available and most of all which are most reliable.

At Virility Meds our products have been carefully reviewed to provide you the following benefits:

  • Improving virility in men
  • Helping erectile dysfunction and impotence sufferers
  • Helping men to enjoy better sex
  • Improving men's sexual and reproductive organs
  • Improving fertility in men and increasing their libido
  • Helping aging men to improve their sex life
  • Prevent premature ejaculation

These are some of the more engaging factors men face in their daily life today as we look for a better health and care. VirilityMeds™ will help you by reviewing the products so that you do not try a product which have not been tested and proven effective. The products we highlight here have all been given good marks for their efficacy by our users.

Products At a Glance
To get you started learning about the most popular and effective male sexual enhancement products on the market, here are excerpts from just a few of our many reviews:
Semenax® - Virility Pills

Semenax® contains Muira Puama and Catuaba which have been proven effective in improving male virility.

Semenax® works by increasing your libido and fortifying the production of testosterone. The benefit of this is increased interest in sex and more satisfying ejaculation. Semenax® users have reported longer lasting ejaculation and more intense orgasms. MORE

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VigRx Plus - Sexual Enhancers

Guys – this is an amazing product that will definitely help you strengthen your erection. If you have a weak erection or an unsustainable erection VigRx Plus will make your penis harder and your erection last longer.

Many men have tried this and claim to have a bigger erection after taking it. VigRx Plus contains herbs like Cuscuta and Epimedium which have long been proven to enhance male virility by improving blood flow to the male sexual organ. MORE

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Volume Pills - Semen Enhancement

Volume Pills® works by increasing the amount of semen in a man's ejaculate. It has potent ingredients like Solidirin and Drizilen to increase testosterone production and semen flow in men. All these lead to a more powerful ejaculation and more intense orgasms. Suitable also for men with low sperm count as it will increase the chances for conception during intercourse. MORE

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VP-RX Libido Enhancers

VP-RX® is a top rated, proven libido enhancement formula with Horny Goat Weed and Damiana. It has a powerful combination of some of the most potent herbs proven to increase the libido of men by increasing the production of testosterone. Some of the side benefits are increased mental alertness and a higher metabolic rate. MORE

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ProSolution Pills - For Better Erections

How would you like to increase the size of your erect male organ? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? There’s good news though – advancements in herbal medication has made this possible. Exclusive herbal formula has been used by many men to increase and enlarge their penis for better performance in bed. All these lead to a more satisfying intercourse and a more pleasured partner. MORE

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VitaliKor is the latest male supplement in the market to help you perform on demand like a porn star. No more worries about not getting it up or that it is not rock hard. VitaliKor's powerful ingredients ensures thay your newly revitalized member will maintain a rock solid erection and when it comes to the climax your partner will receive a full sperm blast and not just a trickle.

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"5% of men aged 40 & nearly 25% of 65 year-old men experience some form of diffculty in getting and maintaining an erection."
- U.S. National Institute of Health

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